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Friday Feature: Avoiding the Flu

By November 18, 2011June 20th, 2022No Comments

Everyone in my house is sick and has been for more than a week, but I still am cold free. Though everyone is in good spirits, coughing and blowing noses have been a bit of a bother. I thank God that they just have colds; they could have the flu, but we are ready to prevent that with Vitamin D.

Every drug store and doctor’s office seem to be pushing us to get flu shots though I have heard from more than one source that the shot only “works” on people who already have a high level of Vitamin D in their system. Actually, the Vitamin D works to prevent the flu by boosting the immune system. The problem for many is that the main source for getting Vitamin D is the sun (which helps our bones create it), which we get very little of in flu season. Other natural sources with a substantive amount of Vitamin D include fish and wild mushrooms. I take a Vitamin D supplement regularly. In addition to my supplement, I take elderberry and astragalus (in tincture and tea forms) as preventative therapy.

I look forward to another flu-free season. I hope you take the time to investigate these flu fighters so you too can be flu free.

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