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Health and Healing Consultations

“I’ve never received such thorough information from my own medical doctors.”–Lorri Lewis

“She’s doing God’s work. After using her recommendations, I was able to eliminate my anxiety and fatigue.”–LaSonjia Solomon


“Rhonda Smith’s presentation at our church’s Natural Health Workshop was enlightening, engaging, and inspiring. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the natural health field and took the time to address the participants’ various health issues and questions. The workshop was so good that multiple people came to me afterwards to see when we would have her back for more classes and workshops. Trust me, you would want more too!”
Minister Joseph Ratcliff
2021 Health & Fitness Program Coordinator
Zion Congregational Church of God in Christ, Detroit


“Very good information! 💓 I must change! “–attendee at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Omega Iota Omega Chapter The Basics of Natural Health

“It was awesome!”–attendee at Body Blues: Understanding the Anatomy of Grief

“Ms. Rhonda provided so many gems! I will be implementing the peace practices and healthy habits as it relates to my mind, body, and spirit. In addition to health eating habits, I will be changing my sleeping habits too. I will also be eliminating stress and listening to the body. Thank you so much!!!”–LaJean Pratt, staff member of Bright Beginnings, Inc. and attendee at its The Basics of Natural Health Webinar Series

Your Fast for Life™

“My eyes are open in ways that they have never been before. This program is hitting me in more areas than just food and eating. I am realizing that I have given myself permission to ‘casually’ eat food at times when I just shouldn’t. I had never been convicted of such abuse. That is why the line has been drawn for me. I draw the line at sin.”—Helena N.

“The best part for me of Your Fast for Life™ was the devotional content. I looked forward to the readings each day. I found the content thought provoking and illuminating in regards to addressing my personal relationship with food. I was impressed with the variety of the menu options. There was a wide assortment to accommodate any ‘taste’ issue I may have.”—Patricia T.

“The best part for me of Your Fast for Life™ was the daily devotionals. I am thankful they included scriptures, and practical experiences. I am using the devotionals to enlighten my children and steer them in the way they should go, so they can choose to live the healthier lifestyle when they grow older.”—Kimberly C.

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