Corporate Health Training and Services


Position your company to increase productivity and combat absenteeism by empowering your staff to take charge of their health naturally. Book Dr. Rhonda J. Smith to teach your community group or corporate staff ways to keep themselves healthy through The Basics of Natural Health seminar or webinar. This presentation demystifies health trends and provides the essentials for building a strong foundation for a naturally healthy body, soul and spirit. She is also available to present on other natural health topics and provide corporate-sponsored or otherwise arranged individual consultations with employees.

Dr. Smith says:

I help to empower lay people to identify weaknesses in their body, mind and spirit and guide them in how to support each of those areas. Whether it’s my background as a journalist (a BA in journalism) where I am charged to write on a 6th grade reading level; as a college speech instructor (MA in communication with an emphasis in speech communication education); as a minister (ordained in 2007) preaching and teaching; to now as a natural health doctor, my preferred title, I have always been charged with making knowledge understandable and accessible. My clients know what I’m talking about and believe they can grasp it for themselves, to use it for themselves. This is my charge. And while I’m an expert in my field of traditional naturopathy, I am with my clients, with you, on this journey. Together we discover and uncover what’s happening in your being (body, soul and spirit) and what supports work best for you.

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