Natural Health and Healing

As a board-certified doctor of natural health (naturopathic doctor), I offer professionally skilled services that enhance my more than 20 years’ experience guiding others on their paths of spiritual and natural health and healing. I offer through Soul Delights natural health and healing consultations that consider the entire you, body, soul and spirit.

Full Consultation Assessment Areas

Foundational Health
Taking a look at your habits surrounding nutrition, water consumption, elimination, exercise, stress management and sleep and making recommendations to best support your body’s healing

Medical History
Seeing how your medical diagnoses have implications for your body’s natural healing

Bach Flower
Listening to how you are feeling to determine possible imbalances in your emotions and making a recommendation for a Bach Flower remedy, which you receive from a full consultation

Physical Observations
Looking at your face, nails and tongue to see where support may be needed with the body’s organs and systems

*RBTI Numbers

Through urine and saliva samples looking deeper into the body to determine your digestive health, salt and sugar levels and processing of protein and kidney debris


Observing your eyes to take a deeper look into the body to see where support may be needed in organs and body systems.

*A modified version of this may be employed depending on your location

After an initial consultation call (Discovery Call) to assess your needs, you can book a full consultation session.

After your full consultation session, get an accountability package (four, 15-minute sessions) to keep you on track with recommendations from your consultation session.

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