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Friday Feature: Holiday Dishes

By December 16, 2011June 20th, 2022No Comments

You probably already have your Christmas meal all planned out and you are probably going to lay it out like you always do: Glazed ham; rich macaroni and cheese; candied yams; greens with a hunk of meat; cornbread and dressing made with meat fat; and sugary sweet desserts. Well, I want you to consider trying a new recipe on a classic dish or adding a new, healthier choice along with your classics.

  • Try my famous greens made without meat.
  • Use Daiya cheese instead of dairy cheese.
  • Use agave instead of white or brown sugar.
  • Use olive oil instead of meat fat.
  • Eat only sides and no meat.

June 6, 2011 marked my start on a no meat and very little seafood diet. Because I love a variety of fruits and vegetables and even cook a few of my favorite Mediterranean and Ethiopian dishes, my transition to no meat wasn’t that difficult. But some of you, who have been slathering fat and smothering food in meat for years, need to take it slow, just one dish at a time. I understand; I used to love me the Thursday special of ham hocks and pinto beans at Steve’s Soul Food in Detroit. In one season, I was there every week. So, take it slow, one dish at a time, and I hope you decide to make a change this Christmas. You will be able to share your dish with your family and perhaps get others to consider making a healthier choice when they taste how amazing your food is. I’m considering making my egg plant stew, candied yams with agave, my famous greens, and cornbread with rice milk, agave, olive oil and no egg. I make all these items regularly except the yams. That will be my new dish. If I make it, I’ll be sure to tell you how it turned out. Make sure you share in the comments section about your change.

Here’s to your good health and a better body for the Body of Christ!

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