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Friday Feature: Rest Well

By January 14, 2011June 20th, 20225 Comments

When I was in college I really had that strong black woman thing going on. I was an officer and in charge of several events with my sorority, was active in my church, worked a part-time job often full-time, took a full course load and made it my business to hang out just about every weekend. I thought I could handle it all until my gums told me something different.

Yes, my gums, those things that hold your teeth, had developed a number of painful lesions that my dentist told me come from stress. That was my first lesson in the impact of poor healthcare on the body. Over the years I received more lessons battling acne, costochronditis (inflammation in the rib or cartilage), Candida (too much bad yeast) and osteoarthritis (loss of cartilage between bones in the joints, often causing them to swell). Sick of just getting chemical injections and taking medications to mask the pain I began a major search for naturopathic medicines to get to the root of my issues. I discovered a whole world of natural ways that God had for me and couldn’t believe how duped I had been into believing that only synthetic medicines could cause me relief. Like me, I know there are some of you who have believed the same thing. Well, for your information and to encourage you to start your own natural health quest, I am going to share with you over the next several Fridays a natural method that I have used that has worked for me. I am also going to feature others who have used natural methods that have worked for them.

    #1—Get More Rest

The first and very simple change that worked for me was more rest. I have to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. The first time my gum lesions appeared, my dentist gave me a prescription for penicillin and told me to take it easy. The next time my gums became sore (a sign that lesions were coming), I didn’t seek medicine but rest. I do this every time and rest works.

Rest regenerates the cells. This makes my skin clearer, relieves my pain, and prevents or eliminates my lesions. And we all know that a good night’s rest clears the mind, minimizes bags and energizes the body. There will be times when we can’t get to sleep early enough to get a full night’s rest, but we have to make these times as few as possible. We have to forfeit those regular late night phone conversations, social media interactions, volunteer overtime, and that bedtime movie. These all make me feel good when I do them, but I pay for them when I’m dragging the next day. We also have to stop staying up worrying about things that we can’t change.

It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.—Psalm 127:2

Life is demanding enough, let alone for those of us recovering from being that unrealistic strong black woman. We need to be healthy in spirit, mind and body. God wants us this way and helps provide it for us through sleep. At the beginning of the year with all our fresh goals, let’s add getting real rest so we can be refreshed, energized and healthy to do the work we are meant to do.

Copyright 2011 by Rhonda J. Smith


  • LaDonya says:

    I so agree Rhonda, this make so much sense… Richard “Dick” Gregory also made the same comments in an interview I recently watched. So thanks for the confirmation. But one question how do you sleep when you have night sweats and feelings of anxiety… then on top of that dreaming? I noticed that when I dream I feel the more tired when its time to get up to start my day.

    • For some reason my reply didn’t post immediately after I approved your comment. First, thanks LaDonya. Second, I understand what you mean about not getting sleep because of dreams. I have them too. I can’t say what will work for you to get you sleep, but I ask the Lord for His grace, the power to be able to do what I have to do the next day, especially since He’s the one who usually is sending me dreams to give me a message. I don’t know why you are having such active dreams, but perhaps you can check your diet and medicines you may be taking. Some foods and medicines can cause active dreams. As far as the night sweats, if you haven’t already, check with your health professional to see if your issue is hormonal. Perhaps you can get a remedy to reduce your sweats so you can increase your sleep.

  • Nikkul says:

    Thanks for the wisdom all over this peace. So amazing how easy it is for smart women to forget the basics of selfcare. Thanks for this reminder. I’ll be checking back in Fridays to come.

  • Mabelf says:

    This information is so practical and so awesome.  I have been learning and practicing more healthy alternatives to my lifestyle.  It works.

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