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Friday Feature: Still Finding Soy

By April 20, 2012June 20th, 2022One Comment

Soy is promoted as the most versatile food around. There is soy milk, soy meat, tofu and other variations of it for meat substitutes. But while the soy industry is promoting the bean, even speaking of the supposed health benefits of it, we hear little of how this food negatively affects the human body’s endocrine system. I wrote about the dangers of soy last year, at which time I had to eliminate a number of soy-laden foods from my cabinets and grocery list. I thought I had purged them all but my vigilant son has taken to reading labels and found eight items in our home that we had missed. I share them with you today to give you a primer list to help you in your ingredient reading quest:

  • Canola oil cooking spray
  • Hash browns (frozen)
  • Waffles (frozen)
  • Pancake mix
  • Chicken nuggets (frozen)
  • Whole grain bread
  • Salad dressing
  • Children’s vitamin supplements

Like last week, this post is to encourage you to take charge of your health by reading ingredient labels so you know what you are eating. If you don’t understand what you are reading, take the time to look up the ingredient, call the company and search websites like mine to see if someone has already done the research you need. Whatever way you are able, take charge of your health so that you will be as fit as possible to do all the work that is possible to build the Kingdom of God.

One Comment

  • Eyedie says:

    That’s right. It’s worth our time to investigate what we are placing in our mouth.

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