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Friday Feature: My Raw Journey

By February 3, 2012June 20th, 20222 Comments

Where I’ve been these past two weeks I’ve never been before. I guess we can all say that about any week or other time period of our lives. If we travel the same road, talk to the same people or perform the same chore, there will be something that will be different. Every routine is different in some way. This week’s different, though, stood out for me. For years—19 to be exact—I’ve known that a raw food diet was better for my body and felt that I should eat the majority of my meals this way. But years of comfort and convenience kept me eating mostly cooked foods. That is until this week. On Monday, January 23 I began a raw food program where I’m learning a great deal about raw food and its preparation for meals. This journey has already given me more than I anticipated. So far I have added to my food repertoire

new leafy greens;
new herbs;
new nuts;
new smoothies;
new desserts;
new juices;
new fruits;
new vegetables;
new recipes;
new food combinations;
new techniques; and
new health benefits.

And I have a
new body
new energy and
new outlook.

Look for me to discuss my discoveries in upcoming weeks of Friday Feature. I want to share with you my journey in hopes that you will follow where God is leading you. My hope for these posts is the same as when I began my Friday Feature posts last January: That you will seek to have a strong body just as you strive to be strong in spirit (3 John 2). May you allow God to strengthen every part of you so you can be optimally fit for the fight to put His Kingdom first.


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