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Friday Feature: Protect Yourself from Meat

By September 23, 2011June 20th, 2022No Comments

I know it’s the fourth Friday, but this week I wanted to say more about eating meat. Look next week for Friday Feature: Roundup Seven, this month’s installment of a compilation of links from around the Web that speak to the same subjects I have discussed in my Friday Feature posts.

Cutting meat out of your diet is not for everyone. I told you that God told me to cut the meat. But even if you continue to have meat in your diet beware of risks associated with doing so, like having slower digestion and additional effects (hormonal and otherwise) on your body from artificially fattened livestock. God did not forbid the eating of meat for believers, but I can confidently say that the meat in Jesus’ day did not have the contaminants we have to contend with in our meat supply today. So, all you carnivores, protect yourself by doing the following:

Limit your consumption. Try to only eat meat a few times a week, like on weekdays. You can also limit your portions each time you consume it. Another idea would be to choose a weekly ounce quota, like only 9 ounces of beef per week. Once you reach your limit, no more meat for you.

Select safe choices—Choose Kosher, Amish or organic meats. Kosher animals have to be killed according to Jewish dietary laws, which include the animal being healthy before being killed. For the most part, Amish chickens (if raised the traditional Amish way) have not been injected with any chemicals, like preservatives, and have been given low-fat feed to give you more meat and less fat. Organic means animals were given organic feed and not given antibiotics or hormones.

Prepare safe meat.

Remove skin and fat. Eating skin and fat increases your chances of high cholesterol and puts extra fat in your body.
Clean meats with food grade hydrogen peroxide. As I have written before, this decontaminates your meat.
Cook meats well. You have seen the warnings at the bottom of restaurant menus. Many food-borne diseases are eliminated with high temperatures, but eating undercooked meats puts you at risk for catching these diseases.

As always, my goal is to educate you concerning natural ways I have learned to care for my body. Please pray for the Lord to direct you concerning your health. We only have one life to live and we must redeem the time that we have to be fit to do God’s work on the earth. Make a healthy choice today.

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