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Friday Feature: Roundup Four & T-Shirt Winner

By June 24, 2011June 20th, 2022No Comments
  • In the last month I talked about ways to eat wheat- and gluten-free, but some of us need to be careful to monitor the other foods we eat too: Check out the New York Times Op-Ed piece When Food Kills.
  • This site is selling products (that I have not tried so I can’t recommend them) and offers some free tips for dying hair naturally: My Sensitive Skincare

And the winner is:

Our ThinkThis! Designs Eat Well Live Well t-shirt winner is Ajene M. Gailliard. She said she has incorporated more plant-based foods in her diet and regular periods of fasting. The Friday Feature that inspired her the most was on cooking healthy greens, which has inspired her to finish her cookbook and own cooking videos. Ajene blogs at Kingdom Mommy, a site to encourage Christian women with young children to raise them to be strong believers in Christ. Congratulations Ajene and thanks for taking the time to comment. And special thanks to ThinkThis! founder and CEO Nichole M. Christian for sponsoring her t-shirts for my giveaway.

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