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Friday Feature: The Cleansing Power of Water

By March 16, 2012June 20th, 2022No Comments

The other day a great correlation between water and the Holy Spirit came to me. I had been drinking what I thought was a lot of water but my skin still looked horrible. I decided to drink more than usual and for the last few days my skin has been almost flawless. The more water I drink the better my insides are cleansed and the result of the internal cleaning shows up externally. The same thing goes with the Holy Ghost. The more we allow Him to fill us up our insides become clean and the internal cleansing of our spirit then reflects externally on our face, in our attitude, in our speech, in our overall demeanor. We see in Scripture how water is equated to the Holy Spirit, with references to the Spirit being a fountain, well, spring of water, poured and poured out, among others (Proverbs 1:23, Isaiah 12:3, 32:15, Joel 2:28, John 7:37-39). Fountains, wells, springs of water and whatever is poured upon are all consumed with water. The water completely takes over whatever it fills, even to overflowing. The water now dominates. But fountains, wells and springs are meant to have water, be dominated by water. If they don’t have water—if water doesn’t dominate them—we know that something is wrong with them. The same is true for us. We were meant to have water, physical and spiritual, but so many of us don’t like water and do whatever we can to avoid drinking it.

We dress water with lemon or some other flavor to make it palatable. We do the same with the Holy Spirit. We sometimes only accept His ministry by adding to His word to us, maybe rationalizing what we think He meant so that we can receive a portion of what He actually said. But, just like water, the Holy Spirit doesn’t need any additions. God gave us the Holy Spirit, who is perfect and perfect to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we allow Him to fill us. Pure water has no taste; it’s simply refreshing. We have polluted it, though, by dumping trash and chemical waste in it. As a result, we have had to strip the water of the toxins and then add nutrients to it so we can simulate what God intended for us to have. We do the same with the Holy Spirit. We strip Him of his majesty by fashioning Him in our own image, realize how inadequate our Holy Spirit version is then try to add some super-spiritual sounding ideas to whatever we’re doing and call that the Holy Spirit’s doing. But we can’t “water down” water or the Holy Spirit. They are complete in and of themselves. We need to consume these great resources God has given us to flourish.

So as we drink water I want us to think of it as the Holy Spirit filling us. Each glass we drink is like an infusion of the Holy Ghost traveling through our insides, covering, filling and taking over every part until He is fully seen. We want the Holy Spirit to be seen in us. We must make room for Him by allowing Him the space to operate in us fully so He can be fully seen in us. May the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit do a perfect work in us as we allow Him to consume us (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

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