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Friday Feature: Your Pepsi Moment

By December 2, 2011June 20th, 20222 Comments

On November 24, Thanksgiving Day, I tweeted this:

“My mom has been addicted 2 Pepsi more than all my 42 yrs. Tried 2 drink some 2day, frowned & asked 4 water. My God IS a miracle worker.”

At this time she had been in the hospital for a week and a half. Naturally, people have been concerned about my emotional welfare. After all, my mom went to the hospital suddenly from extreme symptoms related to unknown issues. Then she was in the hospital on Thanksgiving, the day where family gathers to eat real good and to offer thanks for life’s goodness, including each loved one’s prosperity. This year my mom was missing from the Thanksgiving table but praise to God for her health was still there. We praised God for the health the doctors, nurses and other aides are working to restore and for the health that is yet to come that is evident in what my siblings and I have termed “the Pepsi moment.”

I suppose the food service worker wanted to give my mom a treat and put a tiny can of Pepsi on her Thanksgiving dinner tray. After hearing how my mom gagged at that first sip I knew her health was headed for a major turnaround for her good and for God’s glory. She would drink Pepsi with every meal, including breakfast, and just about whenever she was thirsty. She only drank water if Pepsi wasn’t available or if one of her children chided her to consume the natural beverage. Now, from only being in the hospital a little more than a week, she rejects what had been her choice beverage for more than half a century—a beverage that no doubt contributed to her having dry hands, constricted veins, extreme dehydration and temporary kidney failure. Water is now her choice drink and this happened after only 10 days not having access to Pepsi. A 50 plus year issue was eradicated in 10 days. Only something God can do, but He wants to do it for and through me and you, too!

What nasty habit has plagued you that you know you need to give up in exchange for something natural? How has that addiction affected your body? If you know that ceasing to consume something will give your body a health boost, start today making a change. Maybe you can’t go cold turkey, like my mom was forced to do, but you could begin to decrease your consumption and tell someone of your need so she can keep you accountable. I hope you won’t have to be laid on your back before you choose to make that healthy choice, but, whatever it takes, I look forward to hearing about your Pepsi moment that truly can be closer than you think. God wants to help you. Just reach out to Him.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!—Psalms 34:8


  • Nikkul says:

    Thanking God with you for your mom’s recovery. I also love the way you allow GOD to use all of you, writing during a moment that you could obviously justify putting your pen aside. Your obedience is a marvel and a wonderful testimony. Now, let me figure out my Pepsi moment(s).

    • Thank you, Nik. I’m totally amazed at God’s grace for my mom, me and my entire family. It is only by His strength and love and gratitude for Him that I continue to write.

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