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I saw this bee on the ground and was totally baffled.

See, I had been happy that bees recently seemed to be making a comeback. I had been seeing an abundance of them flying and pollinating, just doing what bees are meant to do. This hadn’t been the case in the last few years as bees had been dying in droves from poisonous pesticides used to keep landscape foliage weed-free. So, when I saw this bee grounded and it didn’t attempt to fly away or attack me when I got within inches of it to examine it, I knew something was amiss, figured it had eaten some poison as it sucked some nectar on a nearby plant. It was now grounded, knocked on its back, struggling, but even when got on its feet, it still couldn’t do what it was intended to do: receive nourishment and pollinate to help others get nourishment.

Sometimes, like this bee, we can’t avoid the poison in our lives, but most times we can do something in response to the poison so we aren’t permanently grounded like this bee. We can decide not to partake of the poison put before us from other people’s attitudes or even that processed cupcake, fast food meal or sugary drink. We can choose not to allow poison to ground us when we were meant to fly, be nourished and give nourishment. We can choose to seek help in our weakness so we can be strengthened and flourish. So, what’s poisoned you and holding you back? How will you help yourself take flight? What will you do? What support do you need? Not clear? Need some clarity?  If so, I’m here for you and will help you toward healing. As always, I’m with you on the journey.

Dr. Rhonda

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