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Friday Feature: The Wonders of Lemon

By August 31, 2012June 20th, 2022No Comments

Two weeks ago here on the blog I wrote about the body being pH balanced, noting the difference between an acidic and alkaline system. As I listed the various foods that will help the body become alkaline, which is the state we want our bodies in for good health, lemons stood out to me. Though this fruit is acidic, it has an alkalizing effect on the body and does so much more good for us. I decided today to share the ways I use lemons, including to alkaline my body. Please add to my list in the comments section.

For drinks—Lemon is one of my favorite ingredients for a refreshing fresh squeezed juice. I particularly like apple, lemon and ginger. I also squeeze the juice and pulp in my teas. Many people squeeze lemon in their water at restaurants, but why not try that at home? Just add its juice to cold or hot water and drink.

For salad dressing—I use the juice of lemon in my oil- and tahini- based dressings. It provides the right amount of zing for an otherwise flat dressing.

For food—I use lemon juice in raw and cooked soups and, like many, I from time to time squeeze the juice on my fish to eliminate the seafood odor. I know of others who use lemon zest in baked goods.

To rid mouth of film—I don’t know about you, but when I eat spinach my teeth and jaws get a film on them and feel weird. The same thing happens when I eat beet greens, but when I squirt lemon juice on them after stir-frying them, I get no film or weird feeling. Something about the lemon juice prevents those reactions and I can enjoy the leafy greens that I love.

To take away nausea—When I get nauseous, during pregnancy or not, I can suck on a lemon and the nausea ceases.

For a freshener—1) I grind up lemon peels in the garbage disposal; 2) I let the peels sit on the counter; 3) I rub the juice on my hands after using onion or garlic to take away those pungent smells; 4) I have squeezed the juice in grease after frying fish to eliminate the smell; and 6) I have even squeezed the juice of a wedge and placed the wedge into a ceramic cup with a few drops of one or more essential oils and placed the cup on my mug warmer. The heated lemon juice, wedge and oils fragrant the room.

Those are my dozen-plus ways to use lemons. What are some ways you use the amazing lemon?

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