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Tiffany Johnson loss 10 pounds in three weeks on SHAPE ReClaimed.

I love a good testimony! Here’s one for you from client Tiffany Johnson:

“I cannot be happier with Shape ReClaimed and Rhonda Smith. For the past years, I have struggled with the inability to drop unwanted pounds, poor sleeping habits, and stomach concerns. Since starting Shape ReClaimed and working with Rhonda, I have lost ten pounds within the first three weeks, two inches off my waist, I’m sleeping six hours a night, and my stomach is no longer upset. I cannot be more thankful to Rhonda for listening to my concerns, alternating my program when necessary, and providing me with resources and answers that have made this journey so much easier.”

Join Tiffany on the journey to wholistic health with this Black Friday offer of 25 percent off SHAPE ReClaimed, the Health and Healing Consultation and all of my coaching programs. Go to Schedule Now on my website to redeem the 25 percent off coupon by using the code BLACKFRIDAY22 now through Cyber Monday.

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