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Kimberly Williamson, Soul Delights Coaching Client

It has been such a pleasure to work with Dr. Rhonda. In a day and time when we are inundated with so much information regarding health and wellness it was good to have someone who I could trust walk with me through my healing journey.

The root of my challenges stemmed from growing up in a home where I learned to fear food or more accurately fear gaining any weight. Now as a middle-aged woman I have struggled to find what exactly works for my body. Dr. Rhonda has helped me to find peace in this area. She listened to me and more importantly she prayed for me. As a result, I have found peace with food. I am no longer in the struggle of thinking that I need to go on (and stay on) an extreme diet. I needed a changed mind so that I could incorporate sustainable practices that were simple.

I now have freedom from the confusion and false guilt that used to plague me, always thinking on some level eating was “bad.” This thinking is the residue I carried from growing up with a parent who struggled with bulimia. God has given us good food to enjoy and good food to take care of our bodies. Understanding this truth has given me freedom.

Lastly, I have to say, I so appreciate Dr. Rhonda has kept her services accessible to the broader community. Practitioners in the health and wellness field generally price their services beyond reach of many. This is a testimony to Dr. Rhonda’s commitment to truly help people be healthy. She has something for everyone. I am very thankful for her. You will be too!

Kimberly Williamson – Detroit

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