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A friend reminded me of the prophecy the Lord gave me for her to stop eating sugar because she was having digestion issues. She hadn’t eliminated for weeks. Once she stopped the sugar, she has been regular—daily—and said her energy is off the charts. This blessed me so, not that I was the deliverer of her breakthrough but that God had a breakthrough for her. He had bugged me for days to call her. When I finally did I found out that her doctor didn’t know what was going on with her so she had been praying that God would show her what was wrong with her body. I get excited every time I think about what He did for her. I get excited when I think about what he’s done for me.

I’ve told you about God leading me to find natural remedies for my yeast infections, sluggish digestion and a host of other issues. Most recently God has helped me work on an issue that has been plaguing me: my belly fat! It’s still there, but I definitely see a difference:

BEFORE: In February 2012, right after completing my raw food program (17 lbs lighter)

AFTER: In September 2012 after eating green tea and grapefruit almost daily (Still 17 lbs lighter but less belly fat)

Now I hadn’t been exercising like I should, but you know I had been eating well. That’s what I’m committed to. I may have a slice of pizza every now and then or a cookie here and there, but I have trouble compromising how I feel as a result of the way I eat. I have gotten my insides feeling good; now I’m working on getting my outside looking good. I started exercising about four times a week, was still eating right and couldn’t shake the belly fat. Then I remembered how God had shown me how to heal my infections and other ailments so I asked him and he told me to do calisthenics, drink green tea and eat grape fruit. I still have a way to go, but the belly is shrinking!

So I say don’t just ask God to help you on your job, with your marriage or those other really hard areas that we traditionally seek him for. God cares about every area of our lives, including our health, including our belly fat. He will tell you exactly what YOU need and you will be pleased!


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