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This week I had to do all out warfare fighting colds that I heard coming on me and the boys. I needed them to be well so I wouldn’t have to miss teaching my second week at our homeschooling co-op. I went guerilla-style with the cold cocktails and all of them are fine. I should have used my onslaught of natural medicines for me. Now, though still small, I have more symptoms than the boys did. I only upped my meds a little bit but should have upped them more when considering my schedule this week: My husband’s 15-hour days and my having to educate and then take the boys on outings on three days wouldn’t allow me to get the additional rest I needed. After considering how the mix I gave the boys worked, I am now on that regime and want to share it with you. You’ll find more details on all these medicines in my previous posts that are listed at the end of this post:

Acidophilus—I gave this to them in the morning, afternoon and before bed.
Astragalus—I gave this to them three times a day, generally in the morning, before being around a crowd and after coming home from being around a crowd.
Echinacea—I administered this the same way I did the astragalus.
Garlic—I cut up a clove into tiny pill-sized pieces and had them take them like pills.
Oranges—We didn’t have orange juice this week but had a few oranges so they ate them.
Water—The boys always drink water with meals but they got extra ounces of water throughout the day to flush out the viral infection.

As soon as you feel a cold coming, why not try this guerilla-style cold cocktail method to prevent your cold from progressing and to cure it? Better yet, incorporate each of these daily to decrease your chance of getting a cold. I’m going to remember my own advice. It works!

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