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Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Of course sight is important; it’s one of the five senses that most of us have and rely heavily upon. But when sight is missing, the body relies more upon the other senses to help the body “see” what’s happening. Though I still have my physical sight, it has been challenged along with thousands of other Michiganders who have been without power for about three days. We had a major storm with some reports saying a tornado was the cause of the heavy wind and rain that knocked out major power grids. So this darkness, with assistance from the lesser light of non-electrical sources, has caused us to do things like feel our way around the house and listen for service trucks, hoping we see where we need to go and those who will help restore our sight.

I not only found myself using my other senses but also racking my brain about how I was going to get my youngest son food for breakfast and lunch to attend school about 30 minutes away. After I came up with a plan that I saw could help us navigate the morning and get him to school on time, I received an email saying the school was also without power so it was closed. There was no need for gathering breakfast and lunch by 7:30. We could instead sleep more, catching up from deprivation due to several life activities over the weekend we couldn’t avoid. And my youngest would have a reprieve from adjusting to a new environment that he was reticent about on his first day. God saw us and intervened, allowing me to see beyond what was before me and see how the storm actually provided for our real needs.

What if we always saw our sight being challenged as an opportunity to see differently in a way that is not just compensation for but an actual exchange for our physical sight? What if sightlessness is meant to bring sight? What if sightlessness helps us gain new sight, insight, for what we really need?

When you face trials and tribulations of various types, heavy storms you didn’t see coming and can’t see how you will get through, you can choose to try to figure out your situation, making moves you think will allow you to see that you are getting through the storm, or you can choose to see what God is doing through your storm. Is He showing you that your plans are inadequate? Maybe He’s wants you to see that you are not all-sufficient. Or perhaps He wants you to see that He sees beyond what you can see and His sight is always better than yours. Maybe He wants you to focus your sight on Him to exchange your physical sight for spiritual sight, which illumines better than any electrically-charged source.

So whatever storm you face, including health challenges, don’t just grab onto whatever is close to you to help you see your way through. Focus on God so He shows you what He wants you to see to help you get though. He is the only way you can legitimately tap into sustaining supernatural resources that will change you from the inside out. Spiritual sight always trumps physical sight. Let the Lord make sense of what you are seeing and even can’t see. He will show you beyond what’s before you, guiding you to make the great exchange.

Perhaps this message came to you as spiritual sight for help with your health storm. If you believe so, know that I am here for you. You can make a consultation appointment here.

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