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Today my mom would have been 81. And though she died with several ills that had plagued her body, she was for the majority of her life full of life. And that was due to her perspective. She would say, “You know ain’t nothing going to keep me from sleeping.” She didn’t allow stress in her body to cause stress in her emotions that could keep her from sleep. Sleep just may have been her saving grace as sleep is one of the foundations of health and a key to vibrant life. Some of you have accepted as fact that you will just have to deal with getting poor sleep, but most times a few lifestyle changes can help regulate your sleep. It could be that you need a short-term supplement like valerian root or melatonin, but many times there are other imbalances within the body that are preventing you from a good night’s sleep. Let me help you identify what may be causing your sleep imbalances and help get you on the path of balanced health for your sleep’s sake. Schedule an appointment here.

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